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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

Exactly the Same by Jordana Winters
Jorja’s stuck in a dead-end job at the safety plant, and the endless leering attention she gets from the men she works with doesn’t help. Things start to look up when sexy rocker Brad arrives at the plant...

Manners and The Angel by Sue Williams
A strange man singing in her shower is one thing, but when that man turns out to be a handsome angel, sent to earth to learn human ways, what can she do but give him the benefit of her time spent as a charm school teacher?

Extra Nude by DJ Kirkby
Sean has a treat waiting for Emille when she gets home from work – a scented, candlelit bath for the two of them to share. Slipping into the water, she realises she needs to shave her legs. As she reaches for the razor, she’s struck with the urge to shave her most intimate places, too, and learn what it’s like to have sex extra nude.

Advice for the Horny Traveller by Sally Quilford
The best way to get over finding your man in bed with someone else is to jet off to the sun for some naughty solo fun. Just don’t let your vibrator go off in your hand luggage by mistake...

Fellow Lawyers by Eva H**e
At the law firm, Melissa is expected to be one of the boys, even if that involves joining them on a visit to a strip club. Only trouble is, all that voluptuous female flesh starts turning her on, and when she’s dared to get up and perform, she can’t resist slipping into a schoolgirl outfit, mask and wig and strutting on stage to bare all.

Katy Anderson
hr min
March 15
Summersdale Publishing

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