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Good Clean Fun

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Previously published as: 'Shower Time'. Impossible Gay Lovers uses the Sensual Hypnosis technique of Directed Erotic Visualisation to let you have stunningly erotic gay sex experiences. Have you ever had a really arousing fantasy and wondered what it would be like for real? To have your bi curiosity satisfied and have wild sex in an alley?

For adults only: sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion. Warning: do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this program and for half an hour afterwards. Your mind is very powerful, yet it goes about its business largely unnoticed by us in our everyday lives.

Our daily 'reality' is made up of sensations and perceptions that are filtered out from the multi million bits of stimulation and information that our body automatically collects through our physical senses. To process that mass of data in real-time would swamp our consciousness and we would not be able to think at all in the hubbub! So we only notice up to six or seven sensations or bits of data at any one moment from the stream of sensory information that assails us constantly.

However, we are able to capture fleeting bits of stimuli, proving that the mind is aware of it all at some level. You may have heard of the 'cocktail party syndrome'; where in a room full of people talking we are able to hear someone say our name in the background noise of talking voices.

Directed Erotic Visualisation works with the mind to access an Altered State of awareness that takes you into an erotic, sensual place of physical and mental pleasure and stimulation. Directed Erotic Visualisation is a combination of simple techniques, easy breathing for relaxation teamed with gentle suggestion to promote visualisation. Together they work to help create a subjective reality where virtually anything is possible. Quality writing enhanced by expert narration generates an experience within that reality of sensuality and high erotic tension.

The pre recorded Audio Experiences have proved to be very successful. Based on extensive Listener Feedback, reactions range from warm relaxation and freedom from stress to more than one third of experiences culminating in a highly satisfying emotional release. DEV Audio Experiences are always undergoing development and improvement. You can now have your very own personalised experiences and scenes for a relatively small production fee. You can find out more by visiting the home of DEV website, transgressions at

Essemoh Teepee
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21 September