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Publisher Description

These book themes are included in this 5-book bundle:

Theme 1: Getting back together can be tricky. Hurt feelings have to be put aside or discussed. Closure has to come, and communication has to be at a higher level. At a vulnerable stage when your ex is still indecisive (whether he/she admits it or not), there is a window of opportunity of getting back together. If you use it well, chances are that it can work out again. But I think it’s safe to safe that during this crucial time period, it matters what you say and do to gain his/her trust back.

Theme 2: In this guide, you will learn more about co-dependency. You will also discover the definition of counter-dependency, and all the effects that these two phenomena have on relationships. This way, you’ll be better prepared if you ever find yourself in such a relationship, whether that’s an intimate one or a business-related one.

Theme 3: This guide will help you understand various factors of affairs that you may have never thought about before!

When it comes to affairs, there are so many things involved.

Theme 4: Most people have experienced simple manifestations of jealousy, but there are exceptional cases and disorders that must be mentioned. In this book, some of those brain functions that border on insanity will be discussed and explained.

Theme 5: In this book, golden tips will be given you to look at life in an optimistic light to beat the downsides of a midlife crisis. Factors that can contribute to your mindset are finding new opportunities, digging into philosophy, reassessing your finances, reverse aging, dealing with grief, seeing the good in this important life stage, etc.

Chloe Jacobson
hr min
December 10
Efalon Acies