Isadoran Creed: Book 1: Bayesian Sonic Sorcery Isadoran Creed: Book 1: Bayesian Sonic Sorcery

Isadoran Creed: Book 1: Bayesian Sonic Sorcery

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    • 65,00 kr

Publisher Description

Isadoran Creed is an audiobook series set in the fictional Universe of Gaialuna, where the spiritual center of Nimberia is invaded by the evil Tenecheten Warlord Malgroth.

Long the southern lands of Gaialuna had lived in peace under benign Torek leadership. But in recent times, the spirit and unity of the Isadorans has come to dwindle, disturbed by the pervasive force of machines. In their technological addiction, the Isadorans have become energetic shadows of their ancestors, continually tethered to the dopamine rush of Malgroth Tenecheten's digital devices.

But the ancient frequencies of Gaialuna are alive in young Selena Torek, daughter of the Isadoran Chieftain. In an act of sonic sorcery, Selena summons the spirit of her long lost grandfather, who recommends a course of action to combat the Tenecheten threat.

Follow Selena, Malgroth and the other characters of Gaialuna in one of the first in a genre of ultra immersive audiobooks, that give the illusion of a full cast of voice actors. In fact, all voices have been created by the narrator, and exist in the narrator's original voice, before being converted into the timbre of another consenting actor via AI voice cloning technology. Together with two collaborators, the author/narrator of the book has also created the music for Isadoran Creed, mostly via computer synthesis.

The larger aim of the Isadoran Creed is to awaken ancient, primal energies that connect the listener to other Universes via sound. The basis for magic (sonic sorcery) in the series is Neuracle Science, developed during the author's doctoral dissertation, based on Bayesian theories for how conscious energy connects and expands. Stay tuned for part two in the Isadoran Creed as the exploration of magic and consciousness deepens, and the war against the Tenecheten begins.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Sam Hincks
hr min
17 April
Samuel Hincks