Narcissist: A Real-Life Guide on Narcissism: How to Spot a Narcissist and Break Free from Narcissist Abuse (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you ever looked into the eyes of the person you loved, and didn’t know who was looking back at you...

Do you have a gut feeling inside screaming something isn’t right with a partner or family member?

Are you feeling desperately misunderstood, confused, or having extreme paranoia to the point you feel like a detective?

Have you have gotten to the stage of consistently doubting yourself and your sanity because of this person?

At this point, you have begun to notice huge changes in your behavior. The more time you spend with this person the more you feel cold inside. That vibrant, charming, and loving person you once knew has begun to suck the life out of you. 

Your self-confidence has been ruined and you question yourself on a daily basis.

But the thought of leaving or cutting this person off feels like you are about to start the withdraw process off a heavy drug...

Here's the bad news.... You’ve most likely have become a victim of a narcissist.

According to HuffPost, the narcissist will do whatever it takes to manipulate his or her environment to convince him or herself that she is the omnipotent master, superior to others and entitled to more.

You are just a chest piece in their chess game. They have no capability of truly caring about you.

Narcissists enjoy causing suffering and have zero remorse.

Fortunately, narcissist have been exposed. Researchers like myself have gone deep to really understand what a narcissist is, what the purpose of their destruction is and what they do to their victims.

I am here to give you the knowledge, so you can finally understand what's happening to you. 

In the book Narcissist, you'll learn:

How to tell if you are in a narcissistic relationship.
The phases of a narcissist.
What is happening to you from a “victim’s point of view”...
Foolproof tips on how to spot a narcissist from a mile away.
Understand why you have been chosen by a narcissist to be victimized.
How to not ever be a victim again.
Gain the right mindset to avoid emotional stress and overcome your fears.
Find the freedom to finally walk away.

With narcissistic trauma bonding you are initially showered with intense love and approval. It is like a fantasy come true. Then gradually the ratio of positive to negative events shifts - often so subtly that you cannot say exactly when this happened. You find yourself in fights with someone you desperately love who claims that everything bad that is happening is all your fault. 

Unless you walk out immediately and never look back, you are well on your way to becoming this person’s psychic prisoner. You will find yourself “Trauma Bonded” to someone who is destroying you.

Enough is enough...

You found this book for a reason, the feelings you have inside are valued, its time to save yourself.

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TJ Spehar
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30 October
Sara Hall