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Do you want to master the art of seduction?

Do you want over 100 different dirty talks to intrigue your partner, for foreplay, during sex, and post-sex?

Do you want to spice up your sex life with sex games for couples?

You or your partner are fascinated by BDSM, but don't know how and where to start?

This is the ultimate guide to boost your sex life, with four manuscripts in one book:

Art of Seduction
Dirty Talk Language
Sex Games for Couples
Guide to BDSM

In this book, you will learn sex life tips, starting from the Art of Seduction to find or seduce your partner, then, the Dirty Talk Language before, during, and after the sex and text dirty talking. Then, learn from Sex Games for Couples and a Guide to BDSM for doms and submissives with also examples of role play all suitable for both beginners and experts.

In book one Art of Seduction, you will discover:

How to make your sex life blissful
Practical approaches
Sexual communication tips to use in bed that will arouse your partner 
How to identify “what you want” to have a satisfying sex 
Steps to understand your seductive traits and how to seduce anybody and make them forever yours 
Step-by-step practical flirting habit that will make you irresistible and desiring 
How to know when a guy or girl is feeling horning for you and can’t wait to get down with you
And much more...

In book two Dirty Talk Language, you will discover:

The language of lust 
Why dirty talk?
How to dirty-text
Examples of dirty talk 
How to have phone sex
Dirty talk during foreplay 
Dirty talk during intercourse 
Dirty talk during orgasm 
The don’ts of dirty talk
And much more...

In book three Sex Games for Couples, you will discover: 

Sex funny games 
40 steamy sex games for couples to play 
Five couples' intimacy exercises for connecting with your partner 
Quiz questions to spice up your sex life 
How to improve complicity in couples 
Flirty foreplay for the senses 
Sensual chatter and dirty talk 
Ways for enjoying sex toys with your partner 
Role-playing and erotic fantasies
And much more...

In book four Guide to BDSM, you will discover:

What is BDSM and why
Introducing BDSM to your partner
What is domination and submission 
The eight tips on how to get started in BDSM 
The seven mistakes new submissives make 
10 must-have BDSM toys for beginners 
Bondage play 
Punishments examples 
Types of consents: SSC vs RACK 
Dominance techniques 
Role-play types 
Safe words: how to choose them and why
And much more...

Catherine Carter, Carol Jack, Shawntay Feels, Portia K. Winters
hr min
October 1
Donna Prince