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There are many hidden gems in history that, if uncovered, could unleash so much physical and intellectual wealth needed to restore our society, in the midst of the transformative changes brought by modernism, back to glory. The Stoic philosophy is one such gem. It is an ancient philosophy developed to make people happy. Many times, people seek happiness in the wrong activities, the wrong people, and in the wrong things. The majority focuses on achievement so much that they forfeit the joy of the moment. Others are passive bystanders, and they derive a sense of satisfaction from criticizing and talking about other people. This book addresses both groups. The bystanders are advised to focus on their issues with the promise that an inward look and the development of virtue will bring you the most success. 

The overachievers are also advised to take a moment and relax, focus less on achievement, and take the time to appreciate their surroundings. This audiobook provides a comprehensive discussion of all that relates to Stoicism. It sets the foundation that Stoicism was developed based on ethics, physics, and logic. The audiobook also lists a number of philosophers that have been instrumental in the shaping and making of this philosophy, including Seneca the Younger, Cato the Younger, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus. These wise minds helped to challenge, question, approve, and even develop the Stoic philosophy. If philosophy has stood its ground since the third decade, it surely is worthy of you trying out and practicing, especially because it is meant to ensure that you live a happy, fulfilled life.

Inside this audiobook you will find:

The most detailed explanation of Stoicism philosophy
A comprehensive list of the philosophers and scholars who have helped shape Stoicism
A complete description of the Stoic disciplines
The most informative description of the virtues of Stoicism
A wholesome analysis of ways in which the three disciplines are applied in daily living 
A precise description of the need and the uses of logic in the activities you undertake every day. 
A detailed description of some practices you can take up once you understand various principles developed by different Stoic philosophers in the past
An ordered schedule listing, giving you a schedule of activities to do to practice Stoicism

Mark Milroy
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January 30
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