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At age 36, Zane Rozzi cashed out from the excessively hectic lifestyle of an entrepreneur to slow down, enjoy life, and become a semi-retired investor. A note from the author:

I can't take credit for all of the knowledge in this book; it's the best practices from researchers, academics, and experts neatly summarized for you to take the most important aspects of the subject and cram it all into an hour-long book. No B.S. Just advice that really works. All meat; no fat. If you're a vegetarian, it's that thing you like - everyone's welcome here. This book will not raise your cholesterol level, but this claim has yet to be verified by The United States Food and Drug Administration. So don't eat the paperback, unless the government tells you it's safe to butter it up. Or dip it in Sriracha, if you're spicy like that.

In all seriousness, there's a lot of great wisdom in this book, and many smart alec remarks shamelessly sprinkled in - because I can't help it; that's what I do.

If you're an ambitious high-achiever who's always down for whatever, impulsively dive in and begin reading this book now. If you're shy and like to do things slowly and cautiously, not on the first date, ask someone you trust if it's OK to open the book preview sample section now. If you're a Goldilocks, do whatever makes you feel most comfortable, because I'm always a gentleman like that - anyways, that's enough cringy jokes. If you're here after reading one of my other marvellously/belligerently scrawled books, you know what to expect.

Serious voice now (no slurring): "You should be able to finish this book in one hour and begin applying the new skills you've learned immediately after you've finished reading."

Best Samuel L. Jackson aggressive yelling voice: ((Saying something about not procrastinating ending, of course, with MotherF*r!)) If he says check out the sample, you check out the sample.

Business & Personal Finance
Zane Rozzi
hr min
4 March
Zane Rozzi