The Loneliest Place (Unabridged) The Loneliest Place (Unabridged)
Audiobook 3 - Blight Harbor

The Loneliest Place (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Evie ventures into the Dark Sun Side to rescue her loved ones, only to discover truths darker than she could have ever imagined in this thrilling finale to the Blight Harbor series that’s perfect for fans of Doll Bones and Small Spaces.

As summer comes to an end, Evie Von Rathe is determined to begin the search for her parents in earnest. Armed with her knowledge of the otherworldly, her mom’s violet glasses, and a pendant full of doors, Evie begins to piece together clues. When she realizes her mother’s bedtime story might be a roadmap to finding them, Evie follows it back to the Dark Sun Side.

But stories are funny things, and they change from one teller to the next.

The black nothing of the Radix is waiting, and it knows more than it’s ever let on. Evie will need every bit of courage she has for what’s coming. With Bird at her side, and maybe even a reluctant Lark as well, Evie has what she hopes is her last adventure under a purple sky.

Kids & Young Adults
17 September
Simon & Schuster Audio

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