The Purest Love for the Coldest Thug

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    • 105,00 kr

Publisher Description

Who knew someone so dangerous could be so damn irresistible?

The middle child of three girls, Solána Winters, was always one to oppose her mother’s wishes for her to be the typical good girl. However, deep down Solána knew her stubbornness had sent her mother to an early grave. After tragedy strikes, she gets back on the right path and focuses solely on herself … until she stumbles upon a bewitching addiction like no other, with not a single cure in sight.

Kisan, known to many as Mace, on the surface appears to be a collected, handsome, and prestigious young man. And he is … among many other things. Those that know more, know him to be bold, calculated, and extremely cold-hearted. They know how crazy he truly is; how he can lay one finger on a trigger and aim perfectly without fail; a gentle giant to not one single soul but the only woman who has his heart—his three-year-old.

Kisan and Solána are immediately drawn to each other, sparking an uncontrollable fire between them that neither party are able to put out. However, when the attractive heavy hitter and stubborn beauty’s worlds collide, it sets off a cascade of life-changing events. Events that not only change their lives but the lives of everyone around them.

Loving a man like Kisan could potentially be the most intense and intimidating thing of Solána’s life, but is she willing to risk it all for a man she should be running far away from? And is Kisan willing to let a woman access the deepest, darkest parts of him?

They say the purest love is hard to find … but now that Kisan has found it, can he make it last? Or will his inner demons get the best of him?

Kentra Lynn
hr min
1 March
Recorded Books