The Surf's Up Collection (4 in One Volume of Surf’s Up Novellas): A Tide Worth Turning, Message in a Bottle, The Shell Collector's Daughter, and Christmas by the Sea (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 139,00 kr

Publisher Description

A Tide Worth Turning: Addison and Logan aren't in the market for love. She's recovering from a breakup, and he is hiding out on Galveston Island, trying to save enough money to get back to his country of origin before his world crashes down around him. But when Addison awakens feelings in him that he thought died long ago, Logan begins to question whether or not fleeing from the past is worth leaving Addison forever. Can love triumph where currents are rough?  

Message in a Bottle: Kyle loses the love of his life when girlfriend Morgan is whisked away by the CIA in the middle of the night. Almost six years later, two men show up at Kyle's door with news that he has a daughter who is ill. Her only chance of survival lies with Kyle, if he'll fly to an undisclosed island location in the Pacific. But reuniting with his first love and saving his daughter places his engagement to his fiancée, Lexie, at risk. Can love bridge the troubled waters of Kyle's past and present?   

The Shell Collector's Daughter: Carianna isn't like other 26-year-old women. She's never been on a date, never experienced the euphoria of a first kiss, and certainly never been in love. Can a man's heart speak to hers in a way that she can understand? And if so, will any man believe that Carianna sings with the angels and has tea with God? Will he see the star dust twinkling in her eyes or hear the secret whispers of the ocean in a seashell? When the right man comes along, will Carianna's father lift his protective wings and allow Carianna to soar into the life that God meant for her?   

Christmas by the Sea: Parker McIntyre is late evacuating Galveston Island prior to a hurricane. When he becomes trapped in rising floodwaters, he is going to drown if help doesn't arrive soon. Alexandria Hanson is on her way off the island to escape the immediate storm threat, but she spots a person trapped in the water. Helping the man is going to require great personal risk, but she can't leave him.

Cecily White
hr min
7 December
Elizabeth Wiseman Mackey