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Desperate to find her way in the world, Savannah struggles between her dedication to school, her failed relationships, and her unsavory profession. She longs for a better life, one where she doesn't have to strip in front of perverts in order to make a few bucks, or sit for hours listening to tenured hacks lecture about nothing.

During a typical evening of "web-cam modeling", Savannah's life quickly changes forever when an unusual client appears before her. The man is gorgeous, well kept, and impeccably dressed. He certainly doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would need to pay for a woman's attention. Savannah is intrigued when the client not only asks her to keep her clothes on but he also tips her handsomely...just for her conversation, just for the privilege of sharing her personality for a few moments.

The client eventually reveals that he's a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author, and he's working on an expose about the underground internet webcam striptease business.

He offers Savannah a deal she can't refuse...she must come to his penthouse for a face to face interview, research for his book, no sex involved...or so he says. Savannah's life is turned upside down when the charming billionaire sucks her into a whirlwind of passion.

The potential promise of a life of unspeakable wealth, comfort and happiness has left her breathless and overwhelmed. Can such unlikely strangers really develop mutual respect and a meaningful, loving relationship?

A Billionaire's Seduction is a steamy erotic romance novel about a love story involving two unlikely soul mates who struggle against the odds to discover the differences between lust and love.
Read on for a small taste:

“How’s this,” Marshall said, “I’ll tell you what’s in the drink when you tell me your name.”

“Hmm...” Savannah considered his proposition, “Maybe it’s better that we keep our secrets to ourselves.”

“Does that mean that I don’t get to find out what’s under that coat?” Marshall asked, sipping his cocktail. His lips lingered on the edge of his glass, and Savannah wished to feel them close around her clit. She swallowed, hard, amazed at how forcefully she wanted this man she’d never met before.

“I don’t usually do things like this,” Savannah said, setting her glass on a side table and loosening the belt of her coat.

“Bullshit,” Marshall smiled. Placing his glass beside her’s, he knocked Savannah’s hands away from her belt and scooped her up into his arms, surprising her. “You’re practically pocket-sized aren’t you?”

This close, Savannah could feel the heat of Marshall’s body. Though she’d only had a few sips of her drink, she felt absolutely drunk off of their sheer proximity.

“Where’re we going?” she asked dizzily.

“I’m going to interview you, remember?” he said, “I hope you won’t be offended if some of the questions get a little personal.

Savannah shook her head, stunned. Marshall carried her through the apartment, into what she presumed was the bedroom. There was a king-sized canopy bed at the center of the room, which was furnished lusciously. She gazed around in amazement as Marshall lay her out on the bed. He stood up, taking in the view of her lying prone before him, waiting.

“First question,” he said, “Do you mind being tied up?”

Savannah felt herself become wet at the idea of it. She shook her head. Marshall tucked under the bed and produced a length of rope. He leaned over Savannah and tied her arms masterfully, and as he pressed against her she could feel his dick hard against her thigh. When her arms were tied over her head, Marshall ran his hands along the sides of her body. He drank in the sight of her, groaning softly as he wrapped his large hands around her tiny ribcage.

March 29
Denise Avery

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