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About the ATR

The Anglican Theological Review is a quarterly journal of theological reflection within the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada. In the spirit of sound learning that has been a hallmark of Anglicanism worldwide, its aim is to foster scholarly excellence and thoughtful conversation in and for the church. The journal is committed to creative intellectual engagement with Christian tradition and interdisciplinary inquiry that includes literature and the arts, philosophy, and science.

Description of the Fall 2015 Issue

The Fall 2015 issue of the ATR opens with an article by Clive Beed and Cara Beed exploring the question of whether egalitarian governance was practiced within the Jesus movement. Three addresses given in 2014 in honor of theologian Daniel W. Hardy then follow: Julie Gittoes expands Hardy’s notion of the “gifting of responsibility” by the Spirit and our participation in “divine light”; Jason A. Fout considers the importance in Hardy’s work of the notion of sociopoiesis, the ongoing activity of God in the world; and Stephen Srikantha explores how Hardy related sociopoiesis to the practice of eucharistic worship. The Review Article for this issue is a survey by Preston D. S. Parsons on recent studies of the life and work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Three Practicing Theology essays are included in this issue. Cathy George reflects on the effect of partnerships in building up an economically challenged church and community. Marek Zabriskie then discusses the Bible Challenge project he founded, which provides a structure for Bible reading that has led participants to deepened faith and lasting church revitalization. Finally, James Walters reviews the key moments, persons, and writings in the life of William Stringfellow to highlight lessons we might learn from him about church leadership.

As always, the Fall 2015 issue includes a selection of poetry and book reviews.

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November 9
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