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This super sexy 9500 word bundle contains the following three stories by Serena St Claire:

Surrogate Seduction: When Rachel sees an ad to become a surrogate with a six figure salary, she applies, not really expecting anything to come of it. But Rachel finds herself falling head over heels when she has lunch with the billionaire who wants to be the father. Will she be able to hide her true feelings to avoid scaring him off? Warning: this 3000 word story contains fingering, oral sex, explicit sex & breeding.

Boss' Baby: Scarlet is a career woman through and through. When she gets a promotion and meets Brent, the billionaire owner of the company, she refuses his offer to have his baby for the sake of her career. Will Brent be able to convince her to change her mind? Warning: this super hot 3000 word story contains a hand job, explicit sex against a wall and on a desk and a super happy ending!

Vacation Insemination: When Tina gets an all inclusive paid vacation at a luxury resort in the Bahamas, she can't believe her luck! It gets even better when she meets a hot guy who turns out to be a billionaire entrepreneur! But when he confesses his love so quickly and asks Tina to have his child, is he moving too quickly for her? Warning: this 3000 word story contains fingering, cunninlingus & a fantastic sex scene!

Fiction & Literature
May 26
Diamond Star Publishing

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