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Recently released prisoners, Gary Rhodes and Leon Brady, need a new enterprise to keep them in cash. The thriving human trafficking business seems like an easy gig—snatch and grab unsuspecting teenage girls with the help of their own girlfriends, Claire Usher and Hope Daniels. Because the two spoiled rich girls are easily bored, risks are taken, and mistakes begin to happen.

FBI agents Jade Monroe and her partner, Lorenzo DeLeon, along with two other seasoned agents are tasked to South Dakota and Wyoming, where a handful of girls have been snatched without a trace or a single witness.

As days pass and the FBI closes in on the culprits, the kidnappers panic and victims begin to die. With only one girl left to deliver and the FBI hot on the kidnappers trail, a harrowing chase ensues through Colorado's backcountry. The FBI needs to stop them before the last girl dies or possibly disappears forever.

FBI Agent Jade Monroe Live or Die Series books are listed in chronological order below

#1 Blood in the Bayou
#2 Blood Trail

Editorial Review

"This fast-paced thriller will have your pulse racing as Agent Jade Monroe and her partner, Renz, rush to find two newly released convicts and their accomplices before the criminals can sell any more young women into the Colorado-based human trafficking ring. But will the agents make it in time? You'll want to stay up late into the night to find out." Amanda K., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

Crime & Thrillers
April 14
C.M. Sutter

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