Bullied Dave & Mixed Race Carol Bullied Dave & Mixed Race Carol

Bullied Dave & Mixed Race Carol

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Dave came to this world with ugly features that made him look different from everyone else. Bullied from grade school to college. Rejected by all the girls and graduated from college a virgin. Went online and met an equally bullied, rejected and trashed Carol from a different race. Common cause united them in love, as they got married with a double wedding that sent out the message - if your bullied, rejected and trashed, dust it off, and find real love at the other side.
Totally frustrated, and been humiliated, Dave had tried to take his own life on several occasions, but been saved.
No girl in his home town or neighboring community is interested in him. They all got scared whenever he is around simply because some bully-boys had polluted their minds that Dave is an alien living among humans. Dave had been living in isolation since grade school, and the trend continues till college, and will eventually follow him to the professional world.
Dave and Carol’s life is an inspiration to many people out there who are been bullied, that you can always find alternative love from people of different race. If you are been bullied and rejected as the case with Dave and Carol, do not dwell in that agony, change course and find love from a different race.
Dave’s family were perplexed that a wedding of a bullied couple, had almost united two different nations. At some point, they could not believe their son Dave, was the groom and the main attraction that brought thousands of doubting Thomas together.
It was a huge success and happiness for the duo and Carol in particular, as she has avoided the traditional taboo of been pregnant out of wedlock. The wedding dress was elegant and fitted well to conceal her earlier pregnancy. She later gave birth to twins named, Dave Jr. & Dolly.
She was specifically overwhelmed because the wedding had delivered the intended message she and her husband wanted – if you are bullied, rejected and trashed, there is always true love waiting for you on the other race. They wanted to deliver the message that inter-marriage or rather interracial love is beyond what people perceived it to mean.
Both couples were been bullied, rejected and trashed by their own race but, they dusted it off as they grew up, and discovered that, there are even more compassionate love in other race.
John Dee, a bully-boy who tormented and bullied Dave in college came & apologized and would make a block buster movie of their life story and will donate eighty percent of the proceeds to his charity organization.
The twins, Dave Jr. and Dolly, had cemented the interracial relationship of Dave and Carol as confirmed by the successful messages delivered by their double wedding ceremonies. They became inspirational to many young people been bullied, rejected and trashed by their own race, to look for love in other side, instead of just sitting there mourning over your miseries.
Their romance has proven and shown there is life and true love beyond your race. If the love relationship did not work out well for you with the people of your own race, try the other side. Everyone deserved to be loved. Just like Dave and Carol, you might be surprised to discover that true love is waiting for you on other side.
Been product of a mixed race family, the twins became a living example of what the movie portrays and the messages that accompanied the actions and dramas on it. If you are been bullied, rejected and trashed, dust it off, change course, and find love on the other side of the fence. There is always real love waiting for you on the other side. People had generally realized and came to agree that mixed race love relationship has long bridged all the gaps.
Dave was a victim of not only bullying, but also rejections by all the girls from grade school, high school and college – a situation that deluded his self-confidence and left him apoplectic, until he dusted it off, changed course and found Carol - a true love from the other race.

7 October
Jeffrey Jefferson

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