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This carefully crafted ebook: "BURT L. STANDISH Premium Collection: 24 Adventure & Mystery Novels - Including The Merriwell Series, Lefty Locke Adventures & Owen Clancy Mysteries (Illustrated)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.

William George "Gilbert" Patten (1866-1945) was a writer of adventure novels, better known by his pen name Burt L. Standish. Patten used many other pseudonyms and wrote westerns and science-fiction novels, but he is most famous for his sporting stories in the Merriwell series with brothers Frank and Dick Merriwell, who became icons of All-American sportsmanship. Apart from the Merriwell stories, Patten wrote 75 complete novels and an unknown number of stories. In total, some 500 million of his books were in print, making him one of the best-selling fiction authors of all time.

Table of Contents:

The Merriwell Series:

Frank Merriwell's Limit (Calling a Halt)

Frank Merriwell's Chums

Frank Merriwell Down South

Frank Merriwell's Bravery

Frank Merriwell at Yale (Freshman Against Freshman)

Frank Merriwell's Races

Frank Merriwell's Alarm (Doing His Best)

Frank Merriwell's Athletes (The Boys Who Won)

Frank Merriwell's Champions (All in the Game)

Frank Merriwell's Return to Yale

Frank Merriwell's Cruise

Frank Merriwell's New Comedian (The Rise of a Star)

Frank Merriwell's Reward

Frank Merriwell's Backers (The Pride of His Friends)

Frank Merriwell's Triumph (The Disappearance of Felicia)

Frank Merriwell's Pursuit (How to Win)

Frank Merriwell's Son (A Chip off the Old Block)

Frank Merriwell's Nobility (The Tragedy of the Ocean Tramp)

Frank Merriwell, Junior's Golden Trail (The Fugitive Professor)

Dick Merriwell's Trap (The Chap Who Bungled)

Dick Merriwell Abroad (The Ban of the Terrible Ten)

Dick Merriwell's Pranks (Lively Times in the Orient)

Other Novels:

Owen Clancy's Happy Trail (The Motor Wizard in California)

Lefty Locke, Pitcher-Manager

Crime & Thrillers
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