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The bundle contains:

‧ Bound to the Billionaire by Viola Black

‧ Claimed by the Alpha Billionaire Boss by Hattie Black

‧ A Billionaire's Obsession by Hattie Black

‧ Loving the Alpha Billionaire by J.S. Anne


Nia Samuels and Ryan Zaseman have been dating since their junior year in high school but they had been best friends in the years before. Nia is in band in high school and college and will run her dad's company after college and major in business while Ryan majors in industrial engineering and wants to open his own company. Ryan also played lacrosse in high school and got an academc athlete's scholarship at Texas A&M to play for them. Ryan and Nia both graduate together and attend Texas A&M together.

Ryan and Nia lived in an apartment together all through college and planned to get married post-graduation. Ryan receives a job for an international company. What he did not know was that the company's main office where he was hired to work is overseas in Germany. Nia cannot leave because she has to run her dad's company and Ryan could not bring anyone with him to an offshore location.


Emily is a twenty-five year who becomes a single mother and divorcee when her husband divorces her because her family's company goes bankrupt. She has to find a job to support herself and her daughter.

Her life changes when she finds a job at a well established technology company as a secretary to a cold stern billionaire; Jason Pierce. He is unfriendly, a perfectionist and he does not tolerate much. He gives Emily a hard time but that does not scare her off. She is determined to keep her job, even if she does not like her boss. Her dislike for him turns into curiosity. She is curious about him. She wants to know why he is the way he is. Her inquisition almost costs her job but she does not give up.

Sexual tension builds up between the two of them and they both finally give in. As they continue to work with each, their attraction towards each other becomes stronger and irresistible even though they dislike each other.


Renee Wainwright is a plain, quiet, and focused 23 year old African-American with an intense passion to create graphic, and animation art. When she discovers her boyfriend sleeping with her best friend in her own bed, her world spins off its axis. The only thing that keeps her sane, is her new job at the popular, savvy, and edgy branding, and marketing firm, BYWINSTON.

Renee is eager to learn and grow at this preeminent firm. However, she is content with keeping her head down, and just doing good work. That is not good enough for her female supervisor, who opens her up to the other components of a success, including a make-over. All of a sudden, Renee attracts the attention of the company's founder, and billionaire playboy, the tall, and distractingly handsome, Caucasian Colin Winston.

The always intimidating, and sometimes aggressive Colin is drawn to Renee like a moth is to a flame. There is something about her innocence, and pure drive to create, and use her talents for good that entices him.


Bianca and David are young, budding entrepreneurs who get married. Their honeymoon is bliss and so is married life in the beginning. David is very busy starting up their company, Bianca's best friend is the account manager and manages all the finances.

When their son, Samuel, is born, things change. Bianca has to spend more time at home until he starts preschool and she has a bit more time to herself. She decides to go visit David one day at work but is greeted with a terrible surprise.

WARNING: Readers must be 18+ due to mature themes and language.

Fiction & Literature
March 11
Viola Black

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