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1. Daffney And The Crazy Cows
My friends and me were walking to school when we came upon an exciting something that was happening
Before I knew it I was right in the middle of it, I tell ya!
Can I find a safe place to hide or will those beasts catch me or what?

2. Daffney And Mrs. A
Daffney is still learning to think before her mouth goes into action
Is there any way she could get out of this one I wonder
Daffney finds out the 'special place' is not what she expected
Except she was just trying to be helpful and that's all

3. Daffney Sees Something Strange
Daffney was doing what she loved best in the whole wide world.
What she heard and saw that day had never happened before on Daffney's Island.
Could it be aliens or dragon monsters coming to take her away?

4. Daffney's First Day Of Spanish School
All Daffney wanted was to look cute and a little grown-up wearing her favorite dress that day
That's cause Just in case there was a cute boy at that school or something like that.
Daffney thought she had it all figured out until--
I wonder if she'll be able to handle the mischief that was coming her way?

5. Daffney's Ghost
Ghosts are scary if you see one
If they even exist that is
Yet Daffney says she saw one
Could it have been a ghost or did she see something else
What in the world could it have been I wonder
When it comes to Daffney you never know what she's up to

November 22
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