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"Come to Madrid, your Spanish adventure awaits" the ad for teachers beckoned. I didn't want to teach there though. I was searching for jobs in Croatia inspired by my son who'd gone there for a vacation. He'd said it was awesome and he could live there. Sounded good. I was definitely in. The ad kept rearing it's head and I noticed i was having a hard time finding info about Croatia. There was a voice telling me not to do it, why would it say that; after all I'd taught in Italy and Turkey. Wasn't I a pro? In all honesty I wanted back in to Europe so I could work my way back to Italy and Spain could be that path, besides, it might be fun. It was then I clicked the link and composed my first letter to the school.

13 months later I'd given away stuff, whittled my belongings to 22 kilos of transportable luggage, and boarded a plane to Istanbul to stay with my son, teach and take a breath.

An Apartment in Madrid is a tale about those 13 months of living in Madrid Spain and all the sometimes hair-raising adventures that took place. Those adventures were captivating enough to stir my more advanced students to conversation and tolerate grammar lessons for better comprehension. In fact they were the ones who stopped during a session, got thoughtful, looked at each other and said "you should write a book". "A book?" "Yes, this would be a good book."

Blame them.

Fiction & Literature
October 14
Margaret Prezioso-Frye

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