Fasting Cancer Fasting Cancer

Fasting Cancer

How Fasting and Nutritechnology Are Creating a Revolution in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

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Publisher Description

A groundbreaking guide to how fasting and nutritechnology are revolutionizing the prevention and treatment of cancer, from the bestselling author of The Longevity Diet

Despite all our scientific advances, which have allowed us to prevent and treat so many deadly diseases, almost one in two people will develop cancer. In Fasting Cancer, Dr. Valter Longo, one of the leading scientists in the field of nutrition and cancer, reveals the results of decades of research on the fasting and nutrition technology-based studies to defeat cancer in the body, making only tumor cells much more vulnerable to therapy while protecting the healthy cells.
   Fasting Cancer opens up a new path in which the patient is an active codriver of the therapy by turning on the body’s ability to fight cancer. Dr. Longo’s studies show that the fasting-mimicking diet is beginning to make cancer therapies potentially more effective and less toxic, thus providing an evidence-based complementary approach to mainstream treatments. The book also describes how the everyday Longevity Diet and plant-based ketogenic diet can support cancer therapies.
    Rich in patient stories and clinical data, Fasting Cancer is a read that invites everyone—doctors, healthcare professionals, patients, and family members—to understand the extraordinary potential of a new approach to help fight cancer.

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