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This is a Happily Ever After Hot Sci-fi Cyborg Romance

NOTE TO READERS:  This novel is filled with hot explicit sex, strong dominant men.  It's gritty, confrontational & steam will be coming out of your ears.   Enjoy!

This novel is written mainly in British English, with American words and language and slang from both.

Louise Kanista (Lou to her friends) woke up one morning in a room in an abandoned building in a city of sky buildings on a Tech world.  She couldn't remember how she'd got there, just that she seemed around 5 years old & that was her life, the streets were all she knew.   Lou reasoned that she hadn't been alone on the streets as a baby or toddler.  Someone had to have cared for her but she didn't remember who that was or why he or she had left her but she never forgot they did.

Her tiny heart would ache & a panic attack would overtake her.  Fear had been her life.  Fear of being alone, fear of being taken, fear of being found.  All she had was her name, no memory of pre-school, just a sense of abandonment & extreme hunger.  Hunger, that took her out of hiding in search of food.  Lou had learned quickly.

She'd been luckier than most, keeping to herself, she hadn't been used or abused, taken by a gang or bad people & sold. She'd kept to the shadows & eventually found Ameena.

A coder with a heart of gold.  Ameena had seen her hanging around & offered to share her lunch, that day & every day thereafter, till she offered her a job.  She needed a gofer.  Lou took it & gradually told her story.  She didn't know if Ameena believed her or not but, she went on to offer her a place to stay & Lou took it.  Ameena fed her, sent her to school, opened her mind to what life could be like & the opportunities it could give.  Then introduced her to her first love & a whole new world, code and computers.  And Lou understood it all...
  Fear stood on the Bridge of his ship and looked at the Space Station the Cyborg Empire called home.  A Captain and Councilman he'd been called to a meeting and sent on a mission.  A new threat from Earth Corp demanded they act.  The Empire didn't want war but if Earth Corp wanted one, they'd get it.  Cyborgs had long memories, they lived very long lives and wanted a future.  The last war might have been over 40 years ago but they all knew that meant nothing.

They'd been created to fight, to hunt and were very good at it.  They didn't age like humans, logic ruled them, they were solid muscle and bone, with cybernetic upgrades and created to be bigger and better than any enemy and they were. They used those skills to explored their other needs, other passions and searched for answers to other desires.

Intel brought information that they were under attack, for the first time Cyborgs were at a disadvantage.  Cyborg base code was years out of date.  With no possible upgrades in the intervening years since they fought to be free.  They picked it up where they could but it was only as good as it's creation.  None of it cutting edge or advanced enough to help. They needed upgrades and fast, and a specialist who could understand how they were created, read their code and provide them with a new and improved version.  One, that couldn't be compromised or hacked if it came to war shutting them down, putting all their lives at risk.  

It was dangerous work.  Dark web stuff,  they needed a thief, who could steal their creation code and any upgrades Earth Corp had.  And if the price was right, have no problem doing it.

And he knew just where to find one...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 24
Jessie Rose Case

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