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"At l'Académie des Filles, you will be under my tutelage from the instant you awaken to the moment I decide I'm finished with you. You will be instructed in all the details of conduct and manners befitting eligible young ladies, large and small. We will teach you how to walk and sit and dress and dance and act. As your mind is shaped, so too will we shape your body, doing all that is necessary until you are wholly indistinguishable from a fine young woman. Then, and only then, will you graduate l'Académie as one of my prize 'fillies' - and your contest of feminization will be won. Do you accept?"

While James languishes in the care of sadistic Madame X and her feminizing academy, his lady love has a life of her own - and it is filled with diversions no less pleasurable than James' are painful. What delights occupy the mind of the mysterious, captivating Lady Cordelia Lytton, as her suitor goes through his grueling transformation into a woman?

The answer is manifold: though lovelorn for her absent James, Cordelia never let such a small impediment stand in the way of her desires. A peek into her libertine leisures reveals the behaviors of a woman as proud and headstrong as James himself - and the ways she's found to occupy herself during his time away. Cordelia Lytton has her intimate friend Scarlett to confide in and gain comfort from in equal measures... but can Scarlett, with all her wiles and attractions, sway Cordelia from her longing for one true and tortured lover, James Lockwood?

Chapter Five of the Filthy Filles series, a serial novel published fortnightly. Read on for the next chapter in a thrilling tale of Victorian-era erotica, featuring feminization, bisexuality, and femdom! For mature readers only.


"Now you, Cordelia - tell me all about your affairs. Even if you are so bored by high society, surely you are still interested in the company of men?"

"Of certain men, yes," Cordelia replied. While she spoke, Scarlett's hands had drifted down to the buttons that fastened Cordelia's gown together in the back. Now, as if acting on their own, they began to undo these buttons - one by one, deliberate and slow, just as she'd undone Cordelia's hair.

Scarlett's expectant silence dictated a response, so she continued: "As you know, my wealth and independence have given me the freedom to be selective among my partners. Unfortunately, the abundance of choice sometimes results in fatigue - it’s just so difficult not to lose faith in the male sex when you encounter so many examples of its basest sort."

Scarlett murmured something in sympathy. She had by this time opened the back of Cordelia's dress entirely, and without a break in her conversation Cordelia wriggled her way out of the bodice and sleeves, leaving her in her corset and chemise. "Yes I have met a few - a very few, mind you," she went on, "that do credit to their whole order. These are the men whose company I entertain gladly - the finest of their sex."

A knowing look passed between them, followed by Scarlett ducking her head with barely suppressed mirth.

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21 October
Foxxi Smolder

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