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Is your day full of constant interruptions, lunch hour is the only available time to read, you’re on a cross-country flight and bored, the kids are down for a nap, or you have some time while the laundry’s in the dryer? Flash and Dash is the answer. These eight, unique, short stories and flash fiction range from under 1,000 to over 3,000 words each. Chose the size for the time you have available. Whether you feel like a psychological thriller with a slight "twist" at the end that provides a delightful, unexpected surprise, or a warm-your-heart story, good for a laugh, these flash fiction and short stories are sure to keep you entertained.

Here’s a sample of what’s in store for you:

Poor Sal. All he wanted was to take a long-anticipated trip to Las Vegas. Instead, he finds himself behind the wheel of a large motor home, bound for the Grand Canyon. His eyes glaze over as he stares at the white lines of the blacktop road, the nagging voice of his wife ringing in his ears. In forty-five years of marriage, he’d never gotten to do what he wanted to do. Mile after mile, the only thought that runs through Sal’s mind is, ‘Just kill me, God!’ (The Grand Canyon Trip – 625 words)

Carrie Saunders’ typical day as an ambitious, New York criminal attorney is about to change when her last appointment of the day shows up at her office. His simple question, “Do you know who Sal Giamano is?” makes her heart quicken and immediately turns her life upside down. (The Move to Cedar Springs - 2,755 words)

An innocent man, Casey Thompson has resigned himself to death by lethal injection. As the guard comes to his cell to take his request for his last meal, the choice Casey makes may change his life. (The Last Supper – 1,283 words)

In the midst of The Great Depression, a woman slowly makes her way to the back of the bread line. Wallowing in despair and self-pity, overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness, she feels there is no way out of her unfortunate predicament, until she strikes up a conversation with the people around her. (The Bread Line – 1,982 words).

A light snow falls as Charlie Peterson makes his way down Main Street. His heavy boots crunch in the wet snow. He pulls his jacket collar high around his neck and shoves his hands into his pockets. That meeting was his last chance. He’d hung every expectation on that thirty-minute encounter. Now he’d run out of ideas...and hope. No job, a wife with Alzheimer’s and a work injury has almost put them financially under. Life isn’t fair. (The Job – 3,050 words)

Fiction & Literature
June 24
Linda Boltman

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