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Jeremy stroked Savannah's straight black hair, letting his hand rest against the back of her neck for just a second longer than he needed to. Quick as a flash, he ran his hand up through her hair and gathered a handful in his closed fist. Savannah felt her head pull back, exposed her neck to Jeremy. He wrapped his other arm around her torso, pulling her in tightly against him. It seemed that he was going to be able to work her over, after all.

The boy lowered his mouth once again to Savannah’s neck, keeping her hair pulled tightly away from her scalp. She dug her fingernails into his chest as the pain of her hair being pulled and the delightful sensation of his lips closing on her throat mingled. With hardly any effort, Jeremy lay Savannah down beneath him on the mysterious bed, letting her hair go so that he could pin her mercilessly down beneath him.

She tested him, trying to wiggled out of his grasp. There was no way that she could get him to budge an inch with her inferior strength. She longed to let her fingers travel down the bare, rippling expanse of his chest. She’d never realized how sexy Jeremy was before now. Like a younger, more vigorous version of his father.

“I wonder if you fuck as well as your dad?” Savannah posited, egging him on. Jeremy glowered down at her, removed his hands from her shoulders.

“I wonder if you’re even worth fucking, after all the people you’ve been with,” he spat.

Savannah shivered. His ire was just as sexy as his roughhousing. She wrapped her toned legs around his lower back, and realized in doing so that she was clad in nothing but a light cotton teddy. She lifted her lips against him, letting the garment fall back against her hips.

His eyes flicked down to that uncharted terrain that he’d been yearning to traverse. She could practically see him salivate with the desire to plunge himself tongue-long into that sacred cavern.

“Oh please, Jeremy,” she cooed, “We’re both adults here.”

“So?” he panted.

“So, why don’t you fuck me like a big boy.”

The words were hardly out of her mouth when she felt herself being flipped roughly onto her stomach. Rolling onto her side for a better look, Savannah could see that the son was every bit as endowed with the father, and carefully pruned to boot.

Fiction & Literature
October 17
Denise Avery

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