For the Love of Pup: Four Gay Romance Novels Featuring Four Canine Cupids

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This four-novel gay romance box set is jam-packed with loyal dogs who help new male/male couples discover that love really does conquer all...This big bundle includes all 215,000+ words of the four original novels.

*All Mine: A Second Chance Gay Romance

The student Justin couldn't save is now a man. As a new teacher, Justin couldn't rescue Corey from his at-risk background. But at least he can save this dog. He signed a contract promising her a forever home, and he's going to keep that promise.

When Corey's Golden Retriever vanishes, he hunts high and low to find her. Of all the people in this town who could have adopted his dog, why did it have to be his one-time crush? And, even if Justin accepts that Corey has become a man, will their small town accept a relationship between a teacher and his former student?

*Tonight's Encore: A Second Chance Gay Romance

Zac was once Bobby before he left his old name and his old flame to claw his way to the top of the charts. A decade later, bounced from his band, the erstwhile celebrity finds himself crawling home alone with his tail between his legs.

Reed hasn't seen Bobby for ten years after making the tough choice to quit music to study medicine. His small town needs a local doctor, and Reed has worked hard to fill that need. Sure, it's lonely for a gay man in a place this size, but his loyal Bernese Mountain Dog Magnum is always by his side.

When Magnum literally knocks over the stranger squatting in the old Mason place, Reed didn't expect to meet his Bobby from way back when.

*Married for the Millions: A Gay Marriage of Convenience Romance

Soap opera star Cody's celebrity lifestyle is about to come crashing down when he inherits a grizzly-sized dog. But Maggie the Newfoundland comes with a nine million dollar trust, and Cody isn't the only one after the money. If he wants permanent custody, he must prove he can provide a stable home for a beast the size of a bus.

Enter Shane, a hunky animal trainer who always needs funds for his big dog rescue center.

It's a brilliant plan. One quickie Vegas wedding later, Cody and Shane are the dream couple to adopt Maggie. The judge will love them. The cash is in the bag.

Or is it? Because now there are nine million reasons for Cody's half-brother to prove Cody and Shane are total fakes. He's determined to tear the new couple apart.

*Star Turn: A Gay Hollywood Romance (Expanded Second Edition)

Eric is the picture of success complete with trophy home and trophy Siberian Husky. Stepping into the director's chair of a big budget feature film is all he needs to conquer Hollywood. Getting involved with an actor? That's a recipe for disaster. Especially this actor.

Tyler is the secret son of one of Hollywood's most powerful producers. He'll do whatever it takes to prove to Father he deserves a leading role. He can't let himself be distracted by anything or anyone. Not even Eric.

This expanded second edition includes the prologue short story, "Unknown."

These four full-length steamy gay romance novels include a total of over 215,000 words. Absolutely no cheating, and always a happily ever after.

Includes all the gay dog owner romance tropes you love from gay marriage of convenience to a small-town homecoming for a gay rock star.

Fiction & Literature
20 April
Paris April Press

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