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The True Descendants of the Knights Templar

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Have you ever wondered what do Freemasons do in their Masonic Rituals?
The Freemasons themselves will not speak to anyone about their Masonic degrees or their secret rituals. Although the Freemasons are the keepers of secrets they are also a group with amnesia. The Masons have been blind to their history since they came out of total secrecy in 1717. Some Freemasons say that they are descended from the medieval stone guilds; the other side says that they are the direct descendants of the Knights Templar! What is the truth?
This is a no spin book on the Secrets of the Freemasons! 
Everything you ever wanted to know and never could find out is in this clear strait to the point book , without all the fluff. Just the real answers to your questions. These secrets most Freemasons them selves don't know because they are not in the higher degrees of Freemasonry and stopped at the third degree, which is the Master Mason degree.
All three of the basic degrees of Freemasonry are covered and you get the real insight from a Freemason himself.
Which signs and symbols of Freemasonry are truly important including the secret handshakes of the Freemasons. You will also find out why they hold secret armed guarded meeting!
If you are a Freemason, you should know that this book was written by a Freemason and you would be surprised with what secrets you don't know!
For wives, girlfriends, family members and people that just want to know more about the Freemasons, you will learn it in this book!
If you are tired of asking your Mason, what exactly is going on in their meetings and always get a, “I can’t tell you” reply? What many Masons are not aware of is that there are many facets of the Craft that we can discuss openly. You will find these and many more secrets in Freemason’s Secrets: The True Descendants of the Knights Templar. If you really want to know the Secrets of the Freemasons, you will find them in this book.

7 November
Bernard Kliemann