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This book provides the fundamentals of asset management. It takes a practical perspective in describing asset management. Besides the theoretical aspects of investment management, it provides in-depth insights into the actual implementation issues associated with investment strategies. The 19 chapters combine theory and practice based on the experience of the authors in the asset management industry. The book starts off with describing the key activities involved in asset management and the various forms of risk in managing a portfolio. There is then coverage of the different asset classes (common stock, bonds, and alternative assets), collective investment vehicles, financial derivatives, common stock analysis and valuation, bond analytics, equity beta strategies (including smart beta), equity alpha strategies (including quantitative/systematic strategies), bond indexing and active bond portfolio strategies, and multi-asset strategies. The methods of using financial derivatives (equity derivatives, interest rate derivatives, and credit derivatives) in managing the risks of a portfolio are clearly explained and illustrated.Contents: Asset Management and Risk:Overview of Asset ManagementThe Different Types of Risks in InvestingThe Investment Vehicles:Fundamentals of EquitiesFundamentals of Debt InstrumentsCollective Investment Vehicles and Alternative AssetsBasics of Financial DerivativesModern Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing:Measuring Return and RiskPortfolio Theory: Mean-Variance Analysis and the Asset Allocation DecisionAsset Pricing TheoriesEquity Analysis and Portfolio Management:Company Equity AnalysisEquity Valuation ModelsCommon Stock Beta StrategiesCommon Stock Alpha StrategiesUsing Equity Derivatives in Portfolio ManagementBond Analytics and Portfolio Management:Bond Pricing and Yield MeasuresInterest Rate Risk and Credit Risk MeasuresBond Portfolio StrategiesUsing Derivatives in Bond Portfolio ManagementMulti-asset Portfolio Strategies:Multi-asset Portfolio Strategies
Readership: For professors teaching investment management courses and investment professionals interested in improving their knowledge of asset management. Investment Risks;Investment Vehicles;Portfolio Theory;Asset Pricing Theory;Mean-Variance Analysis;Measuring Return;Measuring Risk;Company Equity Analysis;Equity Valuation Models;Common Stock Alpha Strategies;Common Stock Beta Strategies;Smart Beta Strategies;Factor Investing;Equity Indexing;Equity Derivatives;Bond Analytics;Bond Pricing;Interest Rate Risk;Duration;Interest Rate Derivatives;Credit Derivatives;Multi-Asset Portfolio Strategies;Collective Investment Vehicles;Alternative Assets0Key Features:The book takes a practical perspective in describing asset managementIt is not a theory-oriented book as is the focus in many books on investment management with limited insight into the actual implementation issues associated with investment strategiesEach chapter begins with learning objectives and concludes with an extensive bullet-point list of key points covered in the chapter

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October 12
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