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This collection of 12 exhilarating short stories is based on the adventures of the starcruiser Galaxy and its valiant crew, including:

-Discount Dinner – A desperate financial situation forces the crew to purchase food with unforeseen side effects.
-Double-Rowed Smile – The newly installed, and not so gently used, auto-navigation system threatens to tear the Galaxy apart mid-warp.
-Drone Wars – An army of murderous drones attack the Tioran Federation, killing anyone that gets in their way.
-Hot Lava – The Galaxy is stranded on a planet embroiled in a massive tectonic reconfiguration.
-Drone Wars II – Jonn’s side project to create an artificial pet takes on a life of its own.
-Arms Deal – Steve’s attempt to purchase a new rifle from an unscrupulous vendor unwittingly unleashes a hungry beast bent on devouring everyone aboard the Galaxy.
-Stimugen – Hitch’s encounter with artificial stimulants nearly destroys her relationship with the crew—and her own sanity.
-Distant Discovery – The crew is hired to investigate a distant, unresponsive government space station, but their simple mission reveals a powerful enemy force that wants to keep the station’s secrets all to itself.
-Damage Control – A new training program that disables the Galaxy makes the stalwart ship a tempting target for ruthless salvagers.
-Distant Discovery II – Technology uncovered at a secret government space station threatens to unleash a massive black hole in the heavily populated heart of the Tioran Federation.
-Derelict Disaster – A mission to salvage valuable technology from the wreck of a devastated pirate carrier turns sour as the derelict ship reaches out from the grave to trap and eliminate the starcruiser Galaxy.
-Deceptive Cargo – A powerful force sent by a familiar foe is unleashed aboard the Galaxy with only one mission—to eliminate the entire crew by any means necessary.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 16
Rod Spurgeon

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