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Contains all three volumes in the epic scifi fantasy.
AES: Gamers and Gods I --- He was Asklepios, a physician in ancient Greece, until he resurrected a dead man. Thunderbolted by Zeus in 1250BC, he awakens in 2051 to find himself digitally incarnated as living software in a gaming server. Why? To fight an alien god for the freedom of Earth. But can Asklepios, Homer's "Blameless Physician", whom the Romans called Aesculapius, learn how to survive, and defeat the Devourer of Millions in this bizarre new life? His only hope is Darla Kaplan and her fellow online gamers. In this battle between pantheons, the most powerful weapon of all may be the love of a woman for a man who is only a ghost in the machine.

MACHAON: Gamers and Gods II ---- AES left something behind: a virtual son. Follow MACHAION, son of Asklepios, as he tries to learn what it is to be human and follow in his demigod father's footsteps in the war between pantheons for Earth. In round two, he will face Sekhmet, Destroyer of Rebellions. But perhaps Atum has made a mistake in selecting her for his second Champion.

ALEXANOR: Gamers and gods III ---- The third patch is winner-take-all. But can ALEXANOR, son of MACHAON, son of AES win the war for Zeus? The aliens have selected Set, god of war, deserts, chaos, and foreign lands. Set is victor of a million battles. Can ALEXANOR even survive long enough to reach adulthood? And as he does, will he learn what it is to be human? Follow the third generation of this future Asklepiad as he battles a god he has never met for a planet he will never see.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 19
Matthew Kennedy

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