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A cocky pool hustler and two-bit gangster sees a beautiful woman in the Corner Pocket one day and from then on his life is never the same. Vicki Adagio just happens to be the daughter of the most powerful gangster in Chicago. Tyler finds himself falling for this vixen and getting deeper and deeper into a twisted world of trouble and treachery where trust is as rare and dangerous as Love.

This story contains mature language and situations, including violence and graphic sex.
6,500 words. Enjoy.


I saw what Vicki's strategy was pretty quickly. She wanted me to play down to her level and then she would surprise me by playing at her true skill level. She was trying to hustle the hustler, how cute. I decided to make Vicki's next shot difficult since I couldn't get a clear shot at making any of mine. I would free up my balls for later shots while making it difficult for Vicki to make anything, regardless of her true skill level.
“So, what do I get if I win?”
“The cheap thrill of a meaningless victory,” said Vicki.
“How about if I lose?”
“I'd have to get pretty lucky to beat someone with your immense skill and talent.”
“Flattery will get you everywhere, baby,” I said.
“Apparently so will sarcasm,” said Vicki, “and I'm not your baby.”
“Wanna be?”
Our bodies were nearly touching and I wasn't sure how we got here. I inhaled her scent again and it was suddenly warm in The Corner Pocket, warmer than it had ever been. It felt like we were magnets drawn closer and closer together. There was a gentle hum of our bodies that could not be heard or seen, it could only be felt.
I looked into the beautiful abyss of her chocolate eyes and she looked back at me. We studied each other forever and stood there in stunned eternal silence, soaking up the essence of each other and thirsting with an insatiable hunger for more. Yet, only a few quick seconds had passed on the clock.
I put my hand on Vicki's and felt her soft skin for the very first time and desperately hoped it would not be the last. Vicki looked up towards the counter at the front, in Featherstone's direction, and then moved away. I went and leaned against the wall, then indulged my eyes in the sight of Vicki's round rump as she bent over to take her shot.

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January 24
Don Draco

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