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Explore all 9 books of this thrilling fast paced, action packed science fiction fantasy series in this boxset!

Garro: Galaxy's End

In the future, humanity's extinction is inevitable.

They sent Grand Master Garro and his team to an abandoned space station. What Garro finds changes humanity's future forever.

Can Garro and his team save humanity, or will humanity become a distant memory? 

Garro: Rise of The Order

They must purge an entire alien species.

Garro finds the probable location of his parents. He and his team destroy a vital relay station. But can his plans for the invasion keep going smoothly?

Can Garro and his team invade the Iarannthans and find the truth? Or will they become pawns in a much dark game? 

Garro: End Times

The End Times for the galaxy has come.

Grand Master Garro knows the Order and other foes besiege earth. He knows he must walk an impossible path in hope of salvation. Garro must find allies for the battle ahead. 

Can Garro and his team unite the galaxy against the threat of the End Times? Or has humanity's extinction come? 

Garro: Heresy

An age of peace. An ancient threat. A conspiracy to end it all.

After 40 years of peace, the Republic has never been more prosperous.

Garro attends a festival with other officials. When Garro survives an attack that kills thousands, Garro knows something darker is afoot. 

Can Garro find the truth amongst the lies? Or will the galaxy burn in a new age? 

Garro: Faithless

An outlawed hero. Impossible odds. A hunt for an ancient apocalyptic weapon.

Garro must find his faith again or risk the fate of the galaxy.

Grand Master Garro finds a world burnt to ash. Garro hunts his former friend. He knows he must stop her, but is he strong enough?

Can Garro stop Kortana before she reaches her endgame? Or will she release the apocalypse on the galaxy?

Garro: Destroyer of Worlds

A final stand. An ancient mystery on a forgotten world. A threat to change the galaxy forever. 

The hunt is almost over.

Garro knows the location of the virus. Yet can Garro fight his way through hordes of traitors in time?

Can Garro reach the virus before disaster strikes? Or will the worst fate imaginable befall the galaxy?

Garro: Mistress of Blood

The fate of the galaxy hangs by a thread.

After brutal years, Garro finds the location of the Mistress of Blood. He knows he must travel to a world that hates him. Garro knows the fate of the reality is in his hands.

Can Garro find the Mistress of Blood and the Devourer before disaster strikes? Or will Garro's life change forever?

Garro: Beacon of Hope

Our darkness hour grows ever darker.

Garro and Elizabeth return to Earth. They find a long-forgotten secret. Garro's world changes forever. Can he hold his nerve?

Can Garro bring Hope to the galaxy? Or will the galaxy fall into eternal darkness?

Garro: End of Days

A Final Silence is Falling. A battle without corpses. The End of Days is Here.

All across the Galaxy, a final silence is falling, and in the battle ahead there will be no bodies nor blood to mark humanity's extinction. Only husks... of nothing.

Garro travels to a long forgotten world. He hunts an ancient artefact to protect himself in the battle ahead. Garro knows he must do the impossible. 

Can Garro stop the Devourer and save the galaxy? Or will the galaxy fall to a final silence?

If you love gripping action-packed science fiction fantasy stories that keep you reading late into the night. You will love the epic conclusion to the Garro Series!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 1
CGD Publishing

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