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Publisher Description

The day Dolls and Rose are tossed from Palantine, nothing could have prepared them for the dangers of the Deadlands, a place their home maintains does not exist. With their cyber-connections to Palantine severed, and on their own for the first time in their lives, the two are forced to navigate a wasteland in search of a home no one believes in.

When Dolls goes missing, Rose's search for her lands her in a ruthless world ruled by a Leap Zealot named Deacon and his twin sons, wall executioners known as the Twin Totems. Deacon's sons might be twins, but they couldn't be more different. Omad is dark, dangerous, and unpredictable while Omar is light, strong, and maybe even trustworthy. 

It's only when Rose learns of Deacon's part in Dolls' disappearance, and after a failed rescue attempt, that Rose realizes how dangerous this new world truly is. Now Rose is on the run. Deacon wants her dead, and his sons are determined to hunt her down.

While on the run, trying to stay free from Deacon's evil intentions, Rose can't help but wonder if there isn't more to why she and Dolls were thrown out of Palantine with the trash. The two may look human, but they are more than what their looks suggest--they are what comes after a global catastrophe, the next step in bio-engineered evolution, and by default, are feared by wasteland locals.

Learning to accept who they are and for what purpose they exist takes trust but trust is a commodity few can afford, and out on the wastes, who Rose chooses to trust could cost her life...and her heart.

Fiction & Literature
November 19
EA Taylor