Ghost Hunters Anthology 07

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The adventures of the Ghost Hunters continue - with more exotic locations and hair-raising paranormal adventures than ever before:

- A time-bender is pursued by government-types in black SUV's who want to trap and "study" her abilities. But she turns the table on their advanced electronics to escape and make their gizmo's worthless.

- When a spirit guide is required to be attorny for the defense, she is conflicted.  Since she agrees with many of the charges. Her plaintiff: Humanity itself. The penalty if found guilty: complete eradication.

- Our time-bender returns, as the government agents have forced her into hiding. But they are also now tracking the rest of the Ghost Hunter team. So this begins an all-out war, which is over before they knew they were under attack...

- A government experiment goes, and a revenge-driven immortal finds himself uncontrollably radioactive once a year as result. The birthday of him and his dead brother. Only the Ghost Hunter team can keep him from destroying huge areas...

- An ear-wig was the clue to solving this mystery. And uncovering a secret that the ghost herself didn't know she had.

Includes: Book Universes Notes - so you can have access to the background stories of the characters and the references they make to earlier Ghost Hunters books.

These short stories are perfect for filling the bits of time you have.

Where you can be transported to new worlds, educated with new concepts, even inspired - all from your smartphone.

This Anthology Containing:

 - A World Gone Reverse by J. R. Kruze, S. H. Marpel
 - The Faith of Jude by S. H. Marpel
 - A Very Thin Line by S. H. Marpel
 - Dark Lazurai by J. R. Kruze
 - Lilly Lee by S. H. Marpel


I WAS MINDING MY OWN business when they found me, flying among the clouds without an airplane.

One of the perks of being an immortal spirit-guide. I could always simply "phase" from here to there instantly, but I liked to fly. Easier than any bird. I only put a little energy shield against the wind and weather (otherwise her clothing soils and her hair gets "ratty"). But it let the fresh air through (although I heated it a little if it felt too cool.)

The day was fantastic. Bright sunshine streamed through the cloud gaps, and the arbitrary divisions in the land ownership below made a varied patchwork of the land. Different crops, tillage, and wilder areas were always interesting to look over from a "what if" and "how come" viewpoint. Much like John wrote his stories.

And that was where I was headed, to his little writer's cabin in the Midwest. I had some time off, and enough so I could luxuriate in this slow method of travel.

For all the history I'd lived through, it still pointed out that the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Humans hadn't changed much in 10,000 years, if at all. And even those of us who'd managed to "evolve" into spirit-beings, we were still very much the humans that we'd started out as. Older, more experienced, but wiser was whether we really wanted to learn from all that experience.

And I'd get twinges of sadness reflecting like that. Because not all of the spirit-guides I'd known had made it. Just as gods and goddesses, just because you're immortal doesn't mean you can't be killed...

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30 June
Living Sensical Press

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