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June’s husband Jack has pulled off his surprise plan to take her on a romantic horse and buggy ride along the river. His sweet gesture makes her want to reward him with a surprise of her own.

With the driver one head turn away from seeing what she’s up to, she’s going to take her husband on a ride of his own. How far will their carnal journey take them?

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The carriage pulled up beside us and the driver hopped down to drop a set of steps and open the door for the laughing couple. He swept off his top hat to his passengers and did the same for us once they had walked away. He was even more realistic up close, with his wool topcoat and mutton chop sideburns. They looked real.

He eyed our costumes with amused respect. “Evening Milady, Milord. How may I serve your Lordships?” His accent sounded like he’d just driven up from the streets of London.

Jack bowed back at him. “We’ll take the trip all the way around, my good man.”

“As your Milord commands.” He held out a hand to me and helped me up the steps before turning back to speak softly to Jack. My husband dug out his wallet and slipped him some folded bills. The driver pocketed them and helped him up as well.

He closed the door behind us and climbed up front. “It’s a bit chill tonight, so I’ve laid in a blanket for you to keep over your laps. Shout out if you need me.”

He snapped the reins and the horse started forward at a sedate walk.

I grinned at Jack. “This is sooo romantic.”

He kissed me and pulled the blanket over our laps. “I love you, baby.”

I found his hand and squeezed it as we made the first turn. The noise of drunken revelers and too-loud music quickly faded until just an occasional car zipped by. The buildings thinned out as we approached the water. The ‘clop clop’ of the horse’s hooves on the pavement relaxed me and the carriage had a smoother ride than I’d expected.

Jack pointed ahead. “There’s the lake.”

I snuggled against him and watched it slowly come into sight. This part wasn’t very wide—only a couple of hundred feet—but it was calm and beautiful in the cool evening air. The smell of the city faded a little, letting nature peek in. “This is the best present ever.”

My smile turned sly as my brain kicked into overdrive. “Such a thoughtful gift deserves something extra special in return.” I let go of his hand and slid mine up to rest on his crotch, rubbing gently. His cock quickly stiffened once again under my soft touch, but his eyes kept darting to the driver’s back.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “He probably has a lot of interesting things take place on these little trips.”

His desire won out and he didn’t argue.

Fiction & Literature
November 20
Romantic Moon Publishing

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