Grandpa’s Top Secret Breeding Program

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His Grandson's Hot Girlfriend Begs Him: Make Me Pregnant!

Lori and James want to get pregnant. But he doesn't seem to have it in him. Sexy 23-year-old Lori, however, wants to keep it in the family. So she turns to James's 82-year-old Grandpa, George—who fathered eight kids—for help. And being a gentleman, the elderly chap is happy to help... as many times as Lori wants him

Lori was stunning, there was little doubt about that: a stunning blonde-haired beauty; tall and curvy; great boobs, narrow waist, and shapely hips and ass. She was 23, the same age as George’s grandson. He was proud of James, but he had to admit, he was also ever so slightly envious. Not in a mean way. Just in a “I wish I was 23 again” way. At 82, there hadn’t been much in the way of action in George’s life for some years. His beloved wife had died two years previously. Sex, naturally, had dwindled in the twilight of their relationship. But George felt as randy as ever. He had desires. And those desires centered around gorgeous younger women—much like Lori—who were probably way out of George’s league; they wouldn’t be interested in an old codger like him with his flabby body, his pale, leathery skin, his wispy white hair, and his wrinkles.
But he could dream, couldn’t he; he could fantasize.
And armed with the fact that Lori had been a model, he sat in front of his computer, hesitated a moment as he tried to remember what he’d learned at the “silver surfers’ computer class”, then opened a search window.
George had casually asked James what Lori’s surname was before the boy left, and now the eager elderly gent carefully typed in: “Lori Curtis model underwear” into the search bar; then hit “search”.
What he found gave him tremors for hours.
So many stunning photos of the gorgeous Lori, most in erotic lingerie. They showed off her astonishing figure. Her long blonde hair—white gold in color—framed the most beautiful face George had seen. Her green eyes sparkled from beneath those sexy, fluttering eyelashes. Her full red lips were either flashing a lovely, white smile, or pouting seductively. Her body in some of the underwear was staggering, a perfect body.
He groaned and his old cock came to life, swelling rapidly. He started to jerk off while staring at a photo of Lori in black lingerie, looking hot. He was reaching a climax. He shuddered, the chair creaking beneath him, his eyes watering. His cum was going to spurt out all over the computer screen, all over Lori’s lovely lace-clad bosom.
The doorbell rang.
George panicked. He gritted his teeth, desperate to ejaculate. Somehow, achingly, he stifled his orgasm. It was painful, a grieving kind of feeling. He looked at the clock. Good grief, it was almost seven. Had he spent the entire day and early evening staring at photos of Lori?
George gritted his teeth. His erection was sensitive. He pulled up his trousers. His belly fluttered; his ancient testicles ached.
Dizzy from his near climax, George wobbled downstairs. He opened the front door and paradise stood there.
Lori lit up the night. George heard choirs of angels. James stood there too, but George barely registered his grandson. He had eyes only for the glorious Lori. His old balls yearned.
He ushered them in, muttering something unintelligible because he had not yet his rediscovered the power of speech.
“Grandpa,” said James, “meet Lori.”

Fiction & Literature
16 February
Rebecca Ryatt

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