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Stacy has been invited by the gorgeous Dr. Kara Burnett to an exclusive all-female themed play party at a former patient's mansion. Upon arrival, Dr. Burnett has the women sorted into two roles - the dommes are sexy nurses and the submissives are patients. The theme for the day is "Operating Room," and they have all of the necessary tools at hand to ensure that their patients are well taken care of!


This erotic short story is packed with explicit scenes of intense lesbian sex between many different women and involving different toys and bondage elements. Only for those 18+!


The remainder of her drink funneled down her throat, and it was time for Stacy to go out and meet the other ladies.

To her relief, most of the women didn’t turn to look when she left the bathroom, and she was able to pour herself a new drink and sneak across the room to sit beside Kara on the couch that the doctor had vacated earlier. Kara gave her a flirty wink and nod of approval as she walked up, trying to wind her way through the furniture in such a way to flash as few of the ladies as possible.

The doctor stood up and held her hands out, and the women quieted as a hush spread out through the room. “Ladies, welcome to our little party. We only have one new member with us today, so I would like you all to meet Stacy!”

A chorus of “Hello Stacy” poured out as though they were at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Stacy straightened under the gazes of so many women and hoped that she met their standards. They are all so beautiful… It is so flattering that Kara thought I was worthy of joining this group!

Kara continued her speech. “As you know, today’s theme is ‘operating room,’ and I have recruited some of you to be my nurses for the evening. We are going to start off with the patients on the operating tables and at our mercy, although as usual wherever things go from there is fine so long as everyone has a fantastic time. The safe word for today is giraffe, so everyone memorize that just in case you find yourself pushed past the point you are comfortable with.”

That signaled the beginning of the fun part of the day.

Fiction & Literature
February 5
Olivia Ruin

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