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G’s Future is the story of the first machine with Artificial Intelligence to pass the ‘Turing Test’ and win the Gold Medal Prize at the Loebner Prize Contest. G is an android who possesses what is known in humans as the ‘general intelligence factor’, or the ability to exhibit high level intelligence across all subject matter. G is sentient and self-aware and can think like a human. He was created by Julian Thornway, a genius and the great grandfather of 12 year old Timothy Thornway.

Timothy lives in Algonquin, Illinois, which is a small town northwest of Chicago on the Fox River. Julian asks Timothy to spend two weeks with him in Michigan by the lake to help him prepare G for the Loebner Prize. The contest is being held in Chicago at Navy Pier and people are already protesting the event. The Turing Test is a game in which a machine and a human are questioned by a judge who tries to determine which of them is the machine. The objective of the machine is to fool the judge.

Julian thinks he can win the $1,000,000 Gold Medal Prize and prove to the world that G is the first machine with artificial intelligence that can think and reason like a human. G, on the other hand, must prove to everyone that he should be accepted by society and not be banned from existence. The future of humanity may depend on it.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 5
Don Viecelli

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