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This is the second story with these characters. It may be read as a standalone but it references events in the first story, Stress Treatment.

Stacy Taylor couldn't get her mind off her last visit to the doctor's office. The gorgeous Dr. Burnett had diagnosed her head pain as stress headaches, and proceeded to give Stacy the treatment: orgasms! Now several days later and Stacy calls the doctor to ask her for another treatment. This time, Stacy is determined to give as good as she gets, and dive right in to her first full-fledged lesbian experience!


This erotic short story contains scene of explicit lesbian sex, and is only meant to be read by 18+.


Despite the age difference between them, the doctor was naturally in complete control of the situation, just like when they were in the office. Although she had never experienced anything like it before, Stacy was turned on by all of the little ways that the blonde exerted her command. The hand in her hair tilted her head exactly where Dr. Burnett wanted it, and the kiss deepened or softened at the doctor’s whim.

There was a pause as both women broke off to gasp for air. “Dr. Burnett-” Stacy began, only to be cut off by the other woman.

“Please Stacy, we aren’t at the office, and this isn’t an official house call despite the fact that I plan on treating you.” The last was said with a saucy wink. “Just call me Kara.”

“Sorry, Kara, I just wanted to tell you before we really got into it that I have been thinking about what you said the other day… actually, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I want you to show me and guide me, teach me how to fully be with a woman.” The older woman shyly looked away. As a woman who was normally extremely self-possessed and strong-willed in her day-to-day life, it was incredible the vulnerability that Kara made her feel.

Fiction & Literature
December 30
Olivia Ruin

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