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Fans of James Patterson and Michael Connelly will love C.M. Sutter

Homicide Detective Jesse McCord is used to being called to disturbing scenes, and that Monday morning is no different. Two working girls—often considered easy prey—are discovered stabbed to death in a seedy motel. A sketchy character watches from the sidelines but makes a run for it when Jesse notices his nervous behavior. Days go by without another sighting of him, yet Jesse's gut tells him that the man is somehow involved in the murders.

As people begin to disappear, including the fiancée of one of their own detectives, Jesse is even more determined to find the motel runner.

Chicago's seasoned homicide team is put on heightened alert when horrific evidence is discovered, but it'll take pure luck to track down the killer. That luck comes in the form of a chance phone call, and a dangerous door-to-door manhunt ensues. It may be the only way to stop the deranged predator before he strikes again.

The Detective Jesse McCord Police Thriller books are listed in chronological order below

 #1 Sniper's Nest
 #2 At Large
 #3 Deadly Pursuit
 #4 To Die For
 #5 Booked for Murder
 #6 End of the Line
 #7 Deadly Deception
 #8 Hard to Kill
 #9 Final Shot
#10 Identity Crisis

Editorial Review

"A young punk runs from the scene where the bodies of two prostitutes have been discovered, and Homicide Detective Jesse McCord and his team have just lost their one and only suspect in the murders. With few good leads, the team gets a kick in the pants when the killer's increasingly macabre crimes affect their own bullpen. This intense, fast-paced read is a gripping conclusion to the Jesse McCord Police Thriller Series." Angela M., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

Crime & Thrillers
January 5
C.M. Sutter

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