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All will love. All will lose. All will change.
And it happens during those long, dark and crazy College Nights...

Meet The Five: The striking -- and strikingly different -- female friends are newly arrived college freshman, and their entire future is before them. Monica is the sheltered police chief's daughter. Sonya is the sexually adventurous artist. Amanda is the British-born photojournalism student. Chelsea is wide-eyed innocent from a small town. And Lauren is the streetwise skateboarder from Philly.

They come together to form an unbreakable bond at Pennsylvania's Old State University, a football powerhouse party school rocked by scandal, not unlike Penn State.

What their future holds in love and life is anyone's guess. That’s because there is no freedom like the first flush of freedom at college. There are no friends like college friends. And there are no nights like college nights, when anything is possible.

The Five will become more than friends amid the crucible of college. Yet, none are prepared for events to come. One will triumph. One will be betrayed. One will be left broken-hearted. One could lose herself. And one could lose her life.

Because life is never the same after we experience the many adventures and the dueling dangers of those long, dark college nights...

Lucy St. John, author of the acclaimed Morgan Chase series, turns her keen attention to detail, her zest for suspense and her utter love for romance to the institution where career women are made -- college.

A place to learn, to be sure. But also a place to experiment. A place to be bold. A place to find ourselves -- and each other. A place to become the women we were always meant to be. And that's just the College Nights.

The romantic, erotic, suspenseful and true-to-life adventure begins now with "Innocence - College Nights Book One" by Lucy St. John.

Their world will never be the same. Neither will yours. Not after those crazy College Nights.

Don't miss a second when the sun goes down...

*This e-book contains 46,000 words.

March 6
Lucy St. John

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