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An intimate look at the legendary British designer behind Apple's most iconic products - including the Apple Watch

With the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, JONY IVE has become the most important person at Apple. Some would argue he always was.

Steve Jobs discovered Ive in 1997, when he found the scruffy British designer toiling away in a studio surrounded by hundreds of sketches and prototypes. Jobs instantly realised he had found a talent who could reverse Apple's decline, and become his 'spiritual partner'.

Their collaboration produced iconic products including the iMac, iPod, iPad and iPhone. Designs that overturned entire industries and created the world's most powerful brand.

Little has been known about this shy, softly-spoken designer. Until now. This riveting book tells the story of a creative genius, from his early interest in industrial design to his meteoric rise, as well as the principles and practices that led Ive to become the designer of his generation.

'Sheds new light on technology's most-watched design team' Observer

'A real pleasure' GQ

Leander Kahney has covered Apple for more than a dozen years and has written three popular books about Apple and the culture of its followers, including Inside Steve's Brain and Cult of Mac. The former news editor for Wired.com, he is currently the editor and publisher of CultofMac.com. He lives in San Francisco.

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November 18
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Customer Reviews

KenniKH ,


Loved the book, it's been a very long time since I've gone through a book this fast.
The book is a fascinating look at one of the driving forces behind a company with a scary corporate culture and is so closed off to the eyes of the public.

TheBrew1138 ,

Couldn't put it down!

It's nothing to be proud of, but I haven't finished a book in at least a decade.

..the counter has now been reset.

You'll feel like a fly on the wall in the rise of Sir Ive and Apple.

SudbyDK ,

Great introduction to the secret world of Apple design

I have read most of the “Apple” books out there and I find this one to be not only very inlightning but also a very honest portrayal of a true genius. It is obvious that it is very limited what official information the author can get, but the book manages to give a well-rounded image of Jony Ive the Apple Designer.

Personally, I have very little knowledge about industrial design, but it never becomes dull because the reader is always introduced to the topics in the book to help understanding, especially, the motivations of Sir Jony, but also, to a certain degree, the organisational structure within Apple HQ. My only critisism is that there are no new interviews with Jony Ive - but I can understand if he does not what to give away the secrets to the World’s most successful company.

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