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This bundle contains three short stories that continue the action between Stacy and the gorgeous Dr. Kara Burnett, who has converted Stacy into her latest submissive lesbian lover.

Silent Treatment
Stacy has to stay late to attend a conference call with the Asian office, but her beautiful doctor isn't happy with her working so much. Dr. Burnett shows up at the office, big toy bag in hand, and proceeds to give Stacy one of her famous 'treatments.' This time, they can't afford to make any noise. Dr. Burnett introduces Stacy to a new medical instrument - a leather and stainless steel ball gag!

Group Treatment
Stacy has been invited by the gorgeous Dr. Kara Burnett to an exclusive all-female themed play party at a former patient's mansion. Upon arrival, Dr. Burnett has the women sorted into two roles: the dommes are sexy nurses and the submissives are patients. The theme for the day - "Operating Room," and they have all of the necessary tools at hand to ensure that their patients are well taken care of!

Public Treatment
Stacy meets up with the stunning Dr. Kara Burnett for lunch, and the good doctor has a new treatment for her to try - a remote-controlled vibrator that she is to keep in her panties all day! After several near misses at work, the two sexy women meet up at a fancy steakhouse where things escalate. They even show off for their beautiful waitress and then get her involved in her first lesbian fun!

This erotic book contains many scenes of lesbian sex including bondage, group sex, public sex, power relationships, toys, and much more. Only for those 18+

Fiction & Literature
February 19
Olivia Ruin

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