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It's a dairy duo of scorching hot lactation erotica! You'll want to lick up every leaking drop of this two-book milk sex bundle that includes "Make Me Drip" and "Nursing Him at the Nursing Home". A cougar is convinced to look into self-lactation, and a young woman lets an old man milk her dry.

Milky breasts are best, and you'll never drink anything more delicious…

Make Me Drip – Sexy Cougar Gets Milked by the Boy Next Door

Sex writer Kari is new to town and focused on settling in. Her morning of unpacking gets interrupted by a knock at the door, and waiting on the other side is a hot, young gardener who could be the John Rowland to her Gabrielle Solis. This is because he's more than a decade younger, but Kari isn't so sure she's ready to be a cougar!

For whatever reason Max seems to worship the ground she walks on… and is particularly drawn to her breasts, which he feasts on every time they have sex. It is after one such *hot-and-heavy session* that he convinces Kari to look into self-induced lactation… Meaning he won't even have to knock her up to enjoy the *~creamy, heavenly drink~* that will soon be flowing from her bursting, bulging breasts!

Nursing Him at the Nursing Home

Slutty Heather had enjoyed one bang too many, knocking her up at 19. Her 'rents freak and make her move out, causing Heather to lose the pregnancy from stress… but not the accompanying big boobs. To go through so much so young wouldn't be easy for anybody, not even a slut… but of course Heather does try to pound the pain away, anyway.

Her provider, Pam, notices the dark place Heather is going to and seeks to find something that'll be a more "productive" use of her time. Naturally, one of her first ideas is for Heather to share her company... at a nursing home. "Company" is putting it mildly however, as the young slut ends up sharing her mouth, milky breasts, and "other parts", too!

**This adults-only hucow erotica contains older woman younger man sex, older man younger woman sex, lactation, adult breastfeeding and milking and is intended for audiences 18+ years of age.**

Fiction & Literature
July 14
Sarah Sethline

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