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Publisher Description

This book was written for owners of small businesses who simply have no time or patience when it comes to LinkedIn and other forms of online networking.

You are probably too busy to take a full day out of the business to go on a LinkedIn training course, where you know you would learn loads, but implement none of the great tips because you are just too busy being busy.

You want someone to give you an easy to understand, simple and practical guide that will be effective for your business and take very little time to implement. As a small business owner myself, I know and appreciate the pressure you are under and believe me if someone had given me this book at the start of my LinkedIn journey, I would not have had to spend years and years trying to work it out.

You really can get massive business opportunities and new clients from what is simply a phenomenal sales and networking tool (if you know how). You will really like this book and benefit hugely from it if:

- You have no profile at all on LinkedIn and are starting from scratch
- You already have a profile on LinkedIn but can’t remember the last time you looked at it
- You are using LinkedIn already but currently do not get any business from it
- You have limited time to spend on LinkedIn although you know it’s important to your business
- You are ready to take your online reputation and your business to the next level
- You want to position yourself as the ‘go-to’ expert in your field
- You know your target market is on LinkedIn but you have no clue how to gain access to them
- You have employees that you could replicate this advice to
- You have less than 10 minutes a day to spend on networking sites like LinkedIn

This book was written for every busy Entrepreneur that knows the huge potential of LinkedIn, but has no idea how to unlock it. There are many resources available on the subject of LinkedIn.

You can access thousands of free articles and blogs out there about how to make LinkedIn work for your business, so why choose this one? What we have done here is pull it all together, wrap the information up into 107 easy and simple steps, almost like a checklist that you can work from and dip in and out of as and when you have the time.

Business & Personal Finance
July 23
Sam Rathling