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A Warhammer 40,000 anthology

Many are the horrors of the 41st Millennium, from alien tyrants to dark lords in the grip of Chaos. But arrayed against them are champions of humanity, who fight to defend all that is good in the galaxy.


These 16 short stories showcase some of the many heroes of the Imperium, from humble Imperial Guardsmen to the mightiest among the Space Marines – and many of their vilest enemies, in adrenaline-fuelled tales of action and adventure.


Wracked by the ravages of war, the galaxy has known no peace for untold millennia. To exist is to fight. To thrive is to conquer. Once-proud worlds lie in ruins at the hands of traitorous warlords and vile alien despots. Cowed by the unstoppable march of the Ruinous Powers, humanity stands on the precipice of oblivion. All hope is banished. Yet, there are many who take up arms against these horrors. Noble heroes of the Imperium sally forth to do battle while enigmatic Inquisitors explore the shadowy secrets of this benighted era. In the terror of the 41st Millennium, righteous lords and iron-willed tyrants clash to decide who is worthy of inheriting the galaxy.

This Warhammer 40,000 anthology features stories from Chris Wraight, Ian St Martin, Gav Thorpe, Justin D Hill, Josh Reynolds and many more.


Argent by Chris Wraight

Lucius: Pride and Fall by Ian St Martin

Whispers by Alec Worley 

The Battle for Hive Markgraaf by Justin D Hill

A Brother's Confession by Robbie MacNiven

Rise by Ben Counter

Flayed by Cavan Scott 

A Memory of Tharsis by Josh Reynolds

Left for Dead by Steve Lyons

Unearthed by Rob Sanders

The Aegidan Oath by L J Goulding

Hidden Treasures by Cavan Scott 

Carcharodons: The Reaping Time by Robbie MacNiven 

The Greater Evil by Peter Fehervari

The Path Unclear by Mike Brooks

Shadows of Heaven by Gav Thorpe

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
27 April
Black Library

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