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Dylan Hawke 

Rich, bad boy, relying on daddy's money to play, travel and womanize. Black hair, blue eyes, tall, muscular, smartass. Deep down he is actually a nice guy who is insecure and therefore always does the leaving before he can be left. His dad threatens to cut him off if he doesn't marry a "good girl." Dylan loves fast cars and secretly dreams of racing stock cars, but his father forbids it because it isn't a worthy job. Dylan rebels at every turn against his father's strict ways. He owns a large mansion that is sparsely furnished because he is rarely there. He is set to inherit his father's massive real estate holdings and has completed a business degree at Harvard, although he skated by and didn't pay attention. 

Alexa Jenkins 

Is attending law school after getting her bachelors. She is working her way through law school. It is taking her longer than the typical seven years because she must work full time as an assistant to a high powered lawyer to pay her way through school. Alexa is petite, blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty, but hides it in frumpy clothes and little makeup most of the time. She is smart. She has no family in the world, having come up in the foster care system. She likes cooking in her free time. Has never been anywhere due to a lack of funds. She has had few boyfriends because she is focused on her career. Tends to be shy unless provoked and then she can be very opinionated. 

Dylan runs into Alexa at a coffee shop. He has already dated several women, none are worthy of marriage. He offers to get Alexa an interview with a high powered law firm if she will go out with him. They go on a couple of dates—he explains his need to get married ASAP. He offers to pay for her education as well as her first year of living expenses if she will marry him and remain married for at least three years. After that, they divorce, he inherits and they can go on their merry way. They fall in love, but neither are willing to admit it.... 

April 7
Kylie Parker Romance

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