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Paranormals exist.

More than fifty years ago, the community of supernatural races—shifters, vampires, ghosts, witches, and more—revealed themselves to the humans. With the rise of technology, they couldn’t stay hidden in the shadows like they had for centuries. And, while rumors of their existence go back even further than that, the announcement sent shockwaves throughout the rest of the world.

After the shock wore off, the humans reacted. Knowing that Paras had the strength, the humans struggled to keep the power. And what better way than to grab a Para by the balls?

Ordinance 7304: the Bond Laws. A set of mandates hurriedly put in place that Paras had to follow, especially when it came to their "fated" unions.

The laws kept the peace. When the penalty for breaking one was being thrown in a magic-free prison, they had to. Ordinance 7304—also known as the Claws Clause—keeps the Paras in line and gives the human population an illusion of safety. And why not? With the power of the entire government behind the laws, even an alpha wolf loses some of his strength.

Because one of the biggies? When a shifter finds his fated mate, it doesn’t matter what his nose—or his body—says. His instincts might scream mine, but that doesn’t mean he can run off with his woman and claim her. To the humans, that’s kidnapping, and it’s a big no-no.

Maddox Wolfe understood that… until the day he stumbled upon Evangeline Lewis and knew in an instant that this was the woman he’d spent twenty-six years waiting for. And while his wolf says take her, he knows he can’t woo his mate from inside of the Cage. She’s human, so he has to think like a human. Act like a human. Pretend he’s a human.

Whatever it takes to make her his mate. And since he is and alpha wolf shifter, there’s gonna be a little stalking involved. It’s okay. His human will eventually understand.

Mates is a prequel novella (~20k words) that is set directly before the first Claws Clause book, Hungry Like a Wolf. It is the story of how Maddox and Evangeline became mates, and is an introduction to a brand new paranormal series where Paras exist and live alongside humans. There's some heat to it (and some closed-door action), some profanity, and is intended for adult readers.

July 1
Jessica Lynch

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