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FREE : the First part of the book.
What if their dreams became what they looked forward to all day? An out-of-time love story that crosses the boundaries of dreams and the barriers of lockdown.

Lior is a young Californian who consumes love by swiping on his smartphone, while looking for The One. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, he decides to go with his friends to the Lake Tahoe during the lockdown.
A few weeks later, Lior has a dream. A very strange dream. Too realistic. He decides to tell his friends about it. In his dream, he meets Julian. A very attractive man. Their encounter is like in a movie. The kind of chance meeting Lior has always fantasized about, and much more exciting than a match on a dating app in the real world. But, despite his excitement, the alarm on his phone ends the dream and his romance with Julian.
What he doesn't yet know is that this dream is just the beginning of a long story.

A novel imagined as a Netflix series or a movie, to be binge-read.

"Meet Me Tonight" is a modern story between romance and science fiction.
Gay, bi or straight, each of us is Lior and can relate to his story.

I wrote this novel during the first worldwide lockdown in March 2020, in Paris. I wrote it for our new generation, an over-connected generation in search of the great love but for whom everything is accelerated. A generation with codes completely turned upside down because of the digitalization or our world. A generation that consumes and wants everything, right away. Now, right now. A generation for whom, despite everything is simplified, everything becomes more complicated.

In "Meet Me Tonight", I wanted to bring up the subject of confinement as the background story. This timeless parenthesis has had an impact on each of us. A moral impact, a psychological impact, but for me and for many, it was most of all a moment of questioning. A moment of search for meaning. A moment of awareness of the importance of our loved ones. Each of us has developed some form of creativity during this confinement. Despite the work and personal obligations, a feeling of need to create was felt. Starting new projects. The awareness more than ever of the importance of being the actor of our own life. This novel is a message of hope and a shot for those who need it to start to live out of their passions.

16 February
Florian Parent

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