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From a world-class coach and teacher comes a practical guide for cultivating a truly sustainable mindfulness practice
Mindfulness can feel like swimming upstream against your own mind. Yet the benefits are clear: enhanced attention, empathy and resilience, and reduced anxiety, stress and insomnia. Unfortunately, too many don’t find a practice that works for them and their busy lives.
In this rich resource, Integral Master Coach® and meditation teacher Meg Salter shows you how to pay deep attention to the full range of moment-by-moment sensory experiences—anywhere, anytime. Mind Your Life will teach you to integrate awareness into your everyday life, including during difficult conversations, or when trying to fall (and stay) asleep.
This is not your ordinary mindfulness. Mind Your Life combines elements of Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system with proven coaching methods for positive change over the long term. Interwoven with the strategies and theory are inspiring stories of ordinary heroes who found that simple changes sustained over the years led to remarkable lives.
Whether you have only a few minutes a day to start, or have been meditating for years, this book is for you. After all, when you mind life, life minds you back.

Meg Salter offers mindfulness coaching and executive coaching to those who want to create positive change in their world. Based in Toronto, Canada, she provides distance coaching globally to individuals or groups. Meg has been meditating since 1995, gaining profound experience while pursuing a career and raising children. Teaching since 2002, she has witnessed the enhanced resilience and personal flourishing in those who develop mindfulness skills, with beneficial effects on their colleagues, friends and families.

Meg holds an MBA from Boston University Brussels, and is accredited as an Integral Master Coach®, a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and a Certified Senior Organization Development Professional. She has a thirty-year professional background, working as a senior business manager and, through MegaSpace Consulting, providing change management consulting and executive coaching. She has lived in the UK and Belgium, consulted to multinational corporations, and distance-coached individuals across North America, and from Europe to Dubai. www.megsalter.com

“The mainstreaming of mindfulness has become something of a fad. Unfortunately, many authors in that genre know much more about the mainstream than they do about the deep end of what mindfulness practice can deliver. Not so with Meg. She has practiced intensely for many decades. And she has personal experience of how a mindfulness practice can provide the ‘big guns’ that deliver the goods when all else fails. In this book, you will find evidence-based coaching strategies to help you turn good intentions into a sustainable practice.” – Shinzen Young

“My curiosity about meditation and mindfulness practices had been growing but Mind Your Life really provided the impetus and skills for incorporating it into my daily life and realizing the benefits. A great practical guide.” – Scott Whitbread, Partner, Stroud International

“Meg generously shares real-world wisdom in an inspiring and pragmatic way that coaches can use immediately with their overwhelmed clients.” – Jill Malleck, Epiphany at Work, Integral Master Coach and OD Consultant

“Mind Your Life draws upon Meg's engaging personal journey to present a thoroughly modern approach for bringing the benefits of mindfulness practice to anyone.” – Scott Nelson, CEO of noosworx

“Offers a pragmatic approach to mindfulness that meets you right where you are! Useful. Relevant. Great variety of practices!” – Joanne Hunt, co-founder, Integral Coaching Canada, Inc.

“Smart, scalable, with the potential to help a great many people.” – Jeff Warren, meditation teacher and author of The Head Trip

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26 May
Meg Salter